February 2015

Turned on the second SMD assembling line

In the images the pick and place machine (ASM SIPLACE XS2), the serigraphic machine and the SMD lead-free compatible reflow oven for the new SMD assembling line installed in the in Turin plant.

linea 02 01linea 02 03linea 02

The new assembling line, with a  Placement performance of 102.000 comp./h, allows a considerable increase in the electronic boards production.

The high flexibility of PCBs and electronic components management, also allows to improve the production process. linea 02 02







September 2014

Welcome to the ReeR new website

The new site's homepage welcomes visitors with a clean uncluttered design and user-friendly navigation.

The new site is completely fluid, fully responsive and fits all types of browser resolutions.

New features includes the Product Selector that allows the users to quickly find the product data sheet.


August 2014

Finished the functionality tests of the new site

Function tests on the new site are completed.

Thanks to all those who with alerts and suggestions have contributed to the site.